Modular Hydronics makes your heating and cooling distribution easier and more efficient!

Hydronic heating AND cooling was the focal point by many presenters at the Canadian Hydronics Conference, Modern Hydronics Summit and at other trade magazines and show venues in 2019.
The showcased designs and products we offer for controls and modular distribution of the two source-driven (A2W heat pump and Modcon Boiler), heating & cooling system.
During the last 6 months, we have been involved in multiple hydronic heating and cooling projects designing and configuring different interesting installations.
Many systems have been commissioned and some are still work in progress. Each of these systems incorporates the PAW modular distribution panels and RESOL controllers for Surface heating  and cooling with remote monitoring powered by via DL2 data logger. All controls are integrated in a compact Solarnetix's design control panel. The ability to remotely monitor these systems is helping our clients - contractors with tweaking of set point adjustments without a need to shuttle the site.

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