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ProSol L-HT Glycol mixture provides long-term freezing and corrosion protection for cooling and heating systems, solar thermal and heat pump systems.

ProSol L-HT is a non-toxic, virtually odorless, hygroscopic liquid. 
It is based on propylene glycol, which poses no hazard to health and which may be used as a coolant or heat-transfer fluid in food processing and water heating and purification applications. The 5%vol.corrosion inhibitors contained in ProSol L-HT reliably protect the metals normally used in solar and hydronic heating installations and other heating equipment against corrosion, ageing and deposits over long periods. ProSol L-HT prevents the surfaces of heat exchangers from becoming  fouled, and ensures consistently high thermal efficiency. 
ProSol L-HT comes pre-mixed with deionized water in 45%/50% proportion. 
It protects against fluid freezing at temperatures down to -26°C(-15°F) and from pipe burst at temperatures down to -46°C(-50°F). 

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