Controlling Hydronic Systems

ModularHydronics.Shop simplifies piping challenge of the multi-zone, complex installations. Often we have been asked these questions:  

  • What control can stage or do the switching of multiple heat sources?
  • DO YOU HAVE all-in-one controller with OUTDOOR RESET?

Yes, we do have All-in-One controllers for your system:

You wouldn’t find any UL-listed hydronic controller on the market that is simple to install and understand, and at the same time it possesses sophisticated intelligence to manage all Hydronic heating and cooling, as well as Solar Thermal integrated design applications and online monitoring.


Design Advisor-300 Free Diagrams
Modular expandability allows MX and HC MAX series controls to suit a simple radiant heating system, but also makes it ideal for larger projects such as large residential homes, apartment buildings and industrial applications. Up to 5 EM extension modules (45 sensors and 39 relays in total) connected with 2-wire vBus can manage up to 7 Outdoor Reset Controlled heating circuits.
  • Floating Point Mixing control,
  • DHW with demand based re-circulation control
  • Radiant Cooling over the heating circuits with dew point condensation detection
  • Boiler firing rate with 0-10 V Modulation control
  • Weather-compensated control with room temperature feedback or demand-based room control with up to 5 temperature zones per each heating circuit
  • Data logging, storing/transfer of programming & firmware updates with the SD card
  • Remote access with a room control unit or the VBus®Touch HC online App


This is obviously not a situation that any HVAC technician wants to find themselves in. It gives the appearance, at least to the owner, that they and perhaps the company they work for, are incompetent.The piping and electrical schematics are the fundamental  documents that should be provided to owner!

ModularHydronics.Shop provides System Control and Wiring diagrams and offers custom built control panels!

We design and manufacture Custom Control Panels with Pre-programmed controllers that will save your time in wiring and programming and ease any troubleshooting in the future.

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