Hydronic Zoning  does not have to be a puzzle! 

ModularHydronics.Shop makes every hydronic heating installation simple and easy, saves your time and money by doing it right first time. Each our Modular Hydronic Zone Panel is the nighttime cold medicine to every DIY installer or a Hydronic Heating Professional they are looking for. What makes our panels so easy to install?


The Modular System Design.



All components required for your zoning job are packaged in Hydronic Zone Modules. You connect Modules together or to a distribution manifold. No complicated, time consuming piece-by-piece assembly required. Select a specific system

which applies to your layout and simplify your installation, eliminating complex piping arrangements.

Select your 2, 3 or 4-Zone Modular System and choose the High or Low Temperature Control options required.




BEFORE      and

Homeowner was left with pile of rubbish in the boiler room and dysfunctional hydronic Combi Solar system installed by a "specialist" contractor.
After overhaul of  controls and distribution system, it is a beauty.


A Lochivar ModCon boiler and modular solar heat transfer station send  heat to a 3-ZONE MODULAR SYSTEM serving underground buffer storage tank, swimming pool and radiant mixing station.

Great boiler room job by Copperhead Mechanical!

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