Impeller Flow Meter V40 (Impulse), 1
Impeller Flow Meter V40 (Impulse), 1' ~ 2' Connection-Contact for Quote

Impeller Flow Meter V40 (Impulse), 1" ~ 2" Connection-Contact for Quote

V40 Impeller Flow Meter
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The RESOL V40 is a measuring instrument with a contactor for measuring the flow of water or water-glycolmixtures and can be connected directly to the controller or calorimeter for heat quantity measurement. After a specific volume has passed, the V40 reed switch sends an impulse to the calorimeter. The heat quantity used is calculated by these impulses, the temperature difference and pre-defined parameters (glycol type, concentration, heat capacity etc.). Fitting included.

The V40 is available for different thread diameters and nominal flow rates. These types differ in construction, but have the same function and are delivered with connection thread.

Please pay attention to the flow direction when mounting the V40 (pay attention to the flow direction indicated on the flowmeter!). In order to smooth the flow, an inlet zone and an outlet zone of 30 cm in front of and behind the flowmeter have to be taken into account.

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