Dew Point High Limit Switch TS10
Dew Point High Limit Switch TS10

Dew Point High Limit Switch TS10

TS10 Dew Point Switch
Part Number: 155 009 00
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The TS10 Dew point switch is designed for condensation detection on the cooling surface; it can be mounted on walls, ducts and pipes. The dew point switch is equipped with impact resistant plastic housing and ventilation slots for air flowing through, aluminium plate base for ease of temperature transferring, and unique POLYGA® transmitters for obtaining accurate relative humidity ( 50-100%). 

The high limit dew point switch does not need external power. Based on pre-set dew point value on the dial, dry contact switch (microswitch) closes when current relative humidity is equal or higher than the pre-set value. The dew point switch TS10 can stand alone,  talk to any humidity control device receiving dry contact signal or work with RESOL DeltaSol MX, RESOL DeltaSol HCMAX or RESOL DeltaSol BX PLUS controller for hydronic heating/cooling control. 

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